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Best Activities to Take Care of Your Pokemon Plush

by Laverne

Pokemon plush is a popular collectible item, especially among kids. As such, it is important to take care of your Pokemon plush so that it can last longer.

So, as a Pokemon fan, you must be having a lot of Pokemon plush toys at home. And you might be wondering how to take care of these cute little friends. Well, this article is here to help you with that.

Here are some activities that you can do to keep your pokemon plush in good condition:

Keep Your Plush Toys in the Right Place

You should always keep your plush toys in the right place. You should never leave them in open space because dust can easily get into their bodies and make them dirty. The best place is inside your closet or under the bed where no one can see them easily.

Protect Them from Dirt and Dust

The first thing that you need to do is protect your plush toys from dirt and dust. If you have pets at home, then they will try to eat the fur of your plush toys which will make them dirty very soon. So, it is better if you keep these toys away from pets so that they don’t get dirty quickly!

Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the colors on your plush toy. Hence, it is advisable to avoid keeping your Pokemon plush toys under direct sunlight exposure. If you want to keep these soft toys in a place where they will get direct sunlight exposure, then cover them with something like a blanket or cloth so that they do not get damaged by the UV rays.

Clean the Plush Toys Regularly

You should clean your Pokemon plush toys regularly so that they don’t get dirty or stained easily. If your soft toy gets stained by food or drink spills, then use warm water and mild dish soap to clean it properly without damaging its colors or texture. You can also use vacuum cleaners for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of these soft toys.

Have Fun with It

If you have a Pokemon plush, then it’s time to have fun with it! The best part about having a plushie is that you can do anything with it — from playing games to cuddling. You can play with your kids or friends, or just spend some time alone with the Pokemon plushie.

Cuddle It

If you want to take care of your Pokemon plush well, then you should cuddle it as much as possible! Cuddling helps in keeping the toy looking new for longer periods of time because it prevents dust accumulation on its surface. Cuddling also reduces stress levels and promotes better sleep at night.


It’s easy to get wrapped up with your Pokemon collection, and to find that you have dozens upon dozens of plush dolls stuffed away in a closet or box, never to be seen again. While this isn’t harmful, it is beneficial to take time out of your day to take care of these plush dolls and use them as toys rather than just collector’s items. No matter how many Pokemon you have, you should always find time for them. Show them the love they deserve and become an expert on caring for these cute Pokemon dolls.

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